But does it really work?!

Well, we gave people Think Drink for a week and here’s what they had to say when we asked them if they felt Think Drink gave them a boost:

“As a consultant and moderator I am working with very high calibre clients where I am using Think Drink during strategic sessions. It keeps us focused and makes the meetings more productive. My clients love the all natural ingredients.” – Uwe Riedel, Riedel+Riedel

“Does genuinely give an energetic lift that feels healthy. Felt more awake than after a coffee and didn’t have a crash later.” – Alex B.

“Simply the best alternative to less healthy energy drinks” – John M.

“I really enjoyed the Very Berry flavour – a great natural alternative” – Victoria C.

“I like the natural extracts and the guarana- it wakes me up and makes me feel more alert. A natural energy boost and refreshing drink – I really like it!” – Rebecca T.

“A great refreshing energy drink that is worth drinking for the taste alone!” – Hugh O.

“I love it! It gives you a definite mental boost at any time and is a fantastic hangover cure” – Jamie J.

“A surprisingly natural tasting and refreshing drink that doesn’t have any synthetic after taste. And it gives you bit of a pick-me-up!” – Ami K.

“Definitely provided a pick-me-up in the post-prandial slump.” – Zoe J.

“A cool new fruity drink to stimulate your mind. Wonderfully retro!” – Charlie E.

“It’s refreshing and nice to drink, especially in the morning as my first drink of the day with its natural vitamins and other energising ingredients” – Antonia B.

“A natural alternative to energy drinks!” – Frazer B.

“Certainly gives you an energy boost.” – Mark G.

“Refreshing and energising. The lime and lemongrass is very tasty. Perfect if you are a university student or City worker and frequently require pick-me-ups, and inevitably consume far too much caffeine and sugar at the moment.”
Amanda H.

“Gives you a boost but feels healthy – blooming marvellous!” – Geoff M.

“A fantastic alternative to energy drinks” – Gail R.

“I felt like it gave me a boost without feeling like I had been hitting the methamphetamine. Refreshing, light, a great pick me up or hangover cure.” – Adam N.

“Perfect – a delicious fruity drink with a lift.” – Louisa B-T.

“A really refreshing still drink which perks you up without sending you to sleep later or filling you up.” – Kate W.

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